Great Value

How do we achieve such a great value? 


Focused Production

By The Mountain footwear is handcrafted in small batches. By producing small lots, waste is minimized and there's a higher attention to detail. Also, production is more effective allowing our company to pass the savings to the core of everything we do: our customers.


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Business Model

Since By The Mountain does almost everything in-house with a hard working team who believes in the mission of providing everyone with quality and affordable footwear, our fixed costs are low and, again, that benefits our customers by offering the best quality-price ratio.


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Long-Term Thinking

While most "business people" tell us our markup is too low, we disagree. We are forgoing short-term profits in exchange for offering our customers, friends and family a better value. This is something we are very proud of and believe will pay off in the long-term; after all, great products at a great value never go out of style!