About Us - By The Mountain - Portuguese Handmade Footwear

Established in the beginning of 2015, By the Mountain project aims to divulge some of the greatest and most traditional treasures of Portuguese culture. Our footwear is mostly 100% handcrafted, keeping the traditions alive of our ancestors. Our products are a result of what Mother Nature provides. Working in an ecological and sustainable way, with traditional techniques, where 85% of the work is made by human hands. This means that you can expect minor cosmetic imperfections consistent with a handmade process, looking that our production is not a standardised industrialised carbon copy product, and as a result it might present some minor irregularities in the stitching, slight leather blemishes due to the vegetable tanning process. These irregularities are what makes the end product special and unique. You can say that you have an item that no one else have in the world!. Our products are reliable, eco-friendly and fashionable, worked by the hands of experienced craftsmen and craftswomen.