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Home & Garden Awards 2024

Best Handcrafted Footwear Company 2024 – Portugal

Artisan made Boots and Shoes Goodyear welt Constrution

Employing techniques that have evolved from generation to generation.

By The Mountain uses sustainable materials and uses recycled rubber outsoles, ensuring a complete respect for nature.

The result is a comfortable, rustic and durable footwear, assuring that every step you take is in perfect symbiosis with nature.

Handcrafted Leather Goods

A full collection of handmade / hand stitched Leather accessories!


RGC Handmade Crafts

RGC Handmade Crafts,  Discover our exclusive collection of Handmade Accessories, meticulously crafted... 


By The Mountain boots are made of leather and recycled tire soles, making them... 


Enjoy Handcrafted Comfort!

Our footwear is mostly 100% handcrafted, keeping the traditions alive of our ancestors. We only use natural, friendly raw materials.

Our RGC Leather Accessories are entirely Handcrafted, making every item unique!

  • Artesan Made

    With traditional techniques where the quality of our products is at everyone sight. Our products are reliable, eco-friendly and fashionable, worked by the hands of experienced craftsmen and craftswomen (Luis & Susana)

  • Fashionable

    Style is what you can find in our Collections, boots, shoes and Leather Goods.

    We aim to build comfortable, durable, water resistant footwear that belongs with every style!

    Our Leather Goods Accessories are made to order, so for sure you will have a unique product in your hands to complement your everyday style!

  • Free shipping

    To all Purchases over 300€

  • Build To Last

    All our products are made from the best high-quality materials to ensure durability. We use high-quality leather, cork, premium burel, and natural wool.