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RGC Socks

RGC Socks Nordic 100% Virgin Sheep Wool

RGC Socks Nordic 100% Virgin Sheep Wool

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Whether you’re thinking in doing a hike, go snowboarding or just stay at home in your sofa, these socks are the perfect choice, they will keep you going throughout the winter, even if you are in the artic!

Beautifully soft and warming socks, made of 100% pure virgin wool! Virgin wool is the particular fine wool of the first shear of the nearly grown-up lambs!

Please, before placing an order, if you have any doubts, feel free to ask.

Due to the intimate nature and hygienic standards of intimate clothes, it is not possible for us to process returns/exchanges of Socks. Please, before placing any order, ask all your questions/doubts.

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